For some, hiring a photographer is about making an investment in memories. For others, it’s about the need to capture an important moment; when family get together or new beginnings in your life are about to start. But the photography you’re drawn to is about more than that. It’s about knowing the person you choose to capture these special moments will be personable and really give you the best images that tell the story the way that you want.
I’m photographer Matthew Brooks. My photographs will capture you at your best to give you the best memories. To capture those moments that have gone, never to be repeated. That is why photography is special to me. Whether the picture has an epic landscape in the background or a candid moment that was fleeting but shows real emotions these are cemented in time to look back on forever. Even when the memories fade all we are left with is pictures, why not make those pictures the best they can possibly be.
If you are someone who likes to be outdoors or you have a favourite spot locally we can shoot there. This is how I would normally shoot and would definitely suggest this to get some truly amazing pictures, as there is no better setting than being surrounded by nature.
I also invite you to view my PORTRAIT PORTFOLIO to see a sample of portraiture work that I have produced or feel free to reach out to me here. For any prices on a couples shoot or portraiture check out the PRICE LIST. For any and all information on weddings then use the contact form below. If more information is needed or you want to contact me and start a conversation about getting a photo shoot done; then you can do that via social media.
If you are somebody who loves social media, then check out my social media accounts all of which I am adding posts and images to on a regular basis.