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Same location, different shots

Searching for new places to go walk outside and visit can be fun. Exploring and taking photos of things and places that you have never seen before. But revisiting the same place can give you an opportunity to also get new photos. 

A good task is to look through photos of landscapes you have shot and go there at a completely different time of year or time of day. By revisiting the same location at a different time of day, say sunrise or dusk instead of afternoon, you will find the lighting will be drastically different. Different seasons will bring different colours to the scene with the foliage and plants as they come and go. You might get a misty morning one day, the next morning you visit it could be frosty. All these things offer different situations where you have photographed a scene and then it looks completely different and worth photographing again. You could have many many variations of exactly the same shot.

Also another advantage of going back to the same location is that a scene that perhaps didn't grab your attention may become fascinating with a change of season. Perhaps the winter will reveal an interesting scene through the trees that is otherwise obscured from view by foliage the rest of the year.

Here at the bottom of the blog are few of my own examples. First from Laugharne castle capturing a very similar scene; one at summer and one at winter. Also with a change in weather conditions sunny hot day and one where the sun peaked through during rainy weather resulting in a rainbow. The second lot being at Burry Port Lighthouse at different times of year. The peak of summer and autumn chills also with the tide at different levels as well.

A seaside shot works well for this type of exercise, as the tide comes in and goes out daily. You will get a result within one day. But doing this over a year by year basis is more realistic if looking to capture a wide variety of moods and feels to the same scene. This exercise is definitely a slow burner but worth doing as it makes you look at things in a different view and reassess what is actually important within that scene. Is the photo the best it can possibly be or shall I come back another time to see if I can improve on what I already have or tell a different story.

Anyway thanks for reading and see you again soon.

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