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Cameras, cameras, cameras

People think cameras are important. I heard a story recently, a photographer while having dinner in a clients home, the client said "you take wonderful pictures, you must have a fantastic camera"; the photographer smiled and said nothing. The photographer finished their food the client made and said at the end of the meal "that was delicious food, you must have a wonderful oven". The camera, just like the oven isn't the important part.

So while writing this it seems every camera manufacturer is trying to outdo each other with their latest mirrorless camera. Nikon has announced the Z6 and Z7. Canon has announced the EOS R. Panasonic announced the S1 and S1R cameras. Apparently Sony will also be announcing a camera or maybe 2 in the not too distant future. Why the influx? Because Photokina is on, it is one of the worlds biggest photography events and companies always go wild to get publicity and sales and so forth.

But with plenty of people rushing out to place pre orders on these latest camera; are they hoping it will it make their photography any better? No it probably will not. You can take a terrible picture on a £30000 camera, you can take a great picture on a £200 camera. It just depends on whether you know what the important things are that makes a photo; a good photo or a bad photo. The knowledge is the most important part of photography. There is a photographic quote which is, "when people ask me what equipment I use.....I tell them, my eyes". Having the knowledge of photography means that you can see a good photo before you have even brought your camera up to your eye. So will upgrading your camera to the latest one out on the market give you that knowledge. No.

I have always had Sony cameras myself. I currently have a Sony A7Rii which is full frame mirrorless camera, before that an APS-C sized sensor Sony A6000 and before that again a compact travel zoom Sony HX90. I have taken pictures I really like with all, also pictures that are terrible and get deleted straight away with all.

The reasons I swapped were for a mixture of reasons. Also I swapped because my photography was changing and with each there were certain limitations. At no point did the camera itself actually make me a better photographer.

Above are 3 pictures that I have taken and really like with each of the cameras over the last few years. Can you guess which picture was taken with which camera? (click on each for answers)

So if you are relatively new to photography and plan on getting one of these new cameras being released thinking that it will vastly improve your work, then you need to think again. Likewise, just because you have seen the marketing spiel and think it looks cool and have to have it because it's new, as tempting as it may be, keep your money and invest it in something like classes. Or if into landscape maybe a trip away somewhere different. Or if into studio portraiture some lighting and a quality hand painted, textured backdrop.

Cameras actually aren't as important as you may think.

Thanks for reading. Catch you again soon.

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