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False Assumptions Again and Again

There are a few debates that have been going on for years and years. They just don't seem to go away no matter how many years pass or how many new photographers come into the fold. Nikon or Canon debate, DSLR vs Mirrorless, you can't take a good picture with a phone debate. While they might have been relevant debates 10/15 years ago they now are ALL false assumptions these days. But still you very, VERY often hear these same old debates being banded about amongst new photographers. It always surprises me. In a time where Canon and Nikon are no longer monopolising the market and nearly all major camera manufacturers make good cameras. In a time where mirrorless is rising up (arguably already risen up). In a time where phone cameras are becoming better and better with every generation of phone that gets released.

But these debates are like a disease being spread amongst new photographers from the old pros set in their ways or the outdated people not willing to change and shout louder than anybody else. If you don't know about these debates here they are.

Nikon or Canon - In a time where a lot of manufacturers fell by the wayside during the digital switch Canon and Nikon embraced it and really gave this new technology to the professionals as well a the rest of the market. They made big leaps and bounds where others like Kodak and Minolta ceased trading. So Canon and Nikon had a bit of a monopoly on the market. So 15 years ago it really was a choice of these two for pros. These days however Sony are now the biggest sellers in the market and showing lots of innovation, where as Canon and Nikon have been accused of not listening to their customers. Other manufacturers of smaller sensor cameras like Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic are bringing out fantastic cameras as smaller sensors are getting better and better. For people are looking for lighter options these are ideal. There are other camera manufactures I haven't mentioned which make good cameras. Now Canon and Nikon are still the second and third biggest sellers respectively. They also both make perfectly fine cameras with one or two in their line up which are well known to be fantastic cameras. Hopefully you can see my point as to why this debate is effectively dead with so many options. If you want a Canon or Nikon that's fine, go for it. But make an informed decision not just because you heard they are the only two options available.

DSLR Vs Mirrorless - The way DSLR cameras are designed have been the mainstay of camera design for the last 70 years or longer. Light comes through the lens, hits the back flap mirror, up to the pentaprism and through the viewfinder. So you are looking through the lens optically. So people have been used to them for their whole lives their parents lives and possibly their grandparents lives. Digital came along and the rise of the consumer point shoot came and went. Phone cameras are here and growing. A lot of DSLR fanatics see mirrorless as a point and shoot as they see any camera with lack of mirrors as "not a proper camera". The way mirrorless camera work is light comes through the lens directly to the sensor and digitally transferred to the viewfinder which is a tiny OLED screen. There are many many advantages of mirrorless. The first big player in mirrorless who were pushing it into the full frame sensor pro market were Sony. There was a lot of development to be done but now for the last few years it is a force to be reckoned with. Loads of pros have been moving to Sony in the last few years as they see the advantages. Also Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Hasselblad have wonderful smaller and larger sensor cameras which are mirrorless. This past year Canon and Nikon have finally jumped onboard the Mirrorless train, albeit slightly half heartedly and lightly late. Again if you want a DSLR then great, there are wonderful DSLRs out there. Just don't go for a DSLR because you heard they are the only option and better than mirrorless.

You can't take a good photo with a phone - This one has probably been irrelevant for the least amount of time due to the steep and ever increasing improvement of cameras in phones. If you haven't read it already then read my blog How good are phone cameras? so I will try not to repeat what I wrote in that too much. Photography is about more than knowing how to use a camera. For the amount of bad photos that are taken on a phone there are equal amounts of bad photos taken with cameras. It is about being able to see the world in a different and creative way. If you know how to take a picture that is compelling, tells a story, is aesthetically pleasing; then does it matter what is used to take the photo. All true photographers use the same thing anyway....their eyes.

So If you want a Canon or Nikon or some other DSLR and would never use a phone then that is fine. It is ok to have opinions, if they are your opinions that you have come to after being informed about all the options and other opinions out there. But don't be infected by others people's misinformation, bad decisions or prejudices. What I would love is that new photographers come out into the world with an open mind, helpful in nature and not being pressured into others ill informed points of view.

If you have read to this point hopefully you have been inoculated from the photography disease being spread through social media.

That is all for now, thanks for reading and see you soon.

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