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Welsh Airshow 2017

Thankfully the weather definitely cleared up for the Airshow this year. I went on the Sunday and it was glorious. Also it seemed like all of Swansea was there as well. It was SO busy. This is just a fraction of the crowd who were there on the day.

Prob just a fraction of the people there

Plenty of stalls selling products and food stalls. Dan Santillo had his stall selling pictures of landscapes. But every bar there were unsurprising more most popular. A live band near where I was standing. The big show is always the Red Arrows. They always put on an excellent show. But while waiting for the main attraction then get some practice of photographing moving objects...birds. Any practice you can get of moving objects is good practice. I finding birding pictures the most difficult of all type of photography and wildlife in general. At least I know not to have aspirations to work for Nat Geo.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's super...oh no wait, its definitely a bird

Even the seagulls having a blast

So here are some test shots of seagulls doing the two things they do best 1. Flying 2. Terrorising people who have food in their hands.

Overall it was a great day. Got some shots I was happy with and practiced some skills that were lacking. if you go to an event or a day out just use it as an excuse to practice stuff you don't normally photograph.

Swansea bay was vastly under-rated when I was young. Now its such a great beach which I hope will be used all the more. I'll leave you with the rest of my pics mainly of Red Arrows for the day.

Thanks all

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