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Top Down Photography

Here is a good photography idea that any body can do at home. Top down photography offers a unique perspective. It flattens objects and makes everything into 2D shapes. In terms of spherical objects or bowls they become circles. This type of photography is a good way to learn some basic compositional techniques such as lines, shapes, repetition, symmetry, filling the frame and something everyone forgets simplicity. Normally it is a viewpoint you often do not see in life. It is a bit of a metaphor as well, to look at life from a different viewpoint and you may see something you weren't expecting.

These photo can work very well for stock photography. Personally I have been using food as my subject. Taking a recipe or parts of a recipe and deconstructing it and how the individual ingredients shown in a different way. Photography is more popular that ever before due to social media and one of the biggest photography categories is FOOD. It almost seems that people don't eat it, they just photograph it.

This first one is Curry Night.

This second one is Pasta Night.

With both, changing the position of the individual parts can change the complete composition of the picture. If you already have a setup in mind that's great, but after you have done that move thing around or use different materials. With both I have experimented with the surface it is photographed on. It just gets you being creative and have to think about colours and tones.

This last one works purely on repetition and the geometric shapes. With the papaya and pomegranate seeds bringing an intentional break of the rule.

Top down photography doesn't have to be restricted to just food it can be done with almost anything you can find in your household. Another way to do it is find a high vantage point and take a photo straight down below you. Maybe of traffic or people walking on the street or find things that could be used to create geometric shapes and lines. Be creative with it.

These next photos are one I have got from Unsplash. Fantastic website to get free high res stock photography from. I will be listing the photographer on each as the photographer deserves exposure considering the photos were free just click on the photo to see. If you use this site make sure you give exposure to photographer as well.

One of the fastest growing forms of top down photography are drone shots. Some of these are THE most fantastic shots I have ever seen. If you are thinking of buying a drone then before you do get one try and some of these photos at home first to get you looking at the world in a completely vertical perspective.

Here is an article on some of the best drone photography produced.


Again here are some examples from Unsplash. Just click to see photographer details.

Thanks Guys. Halloween is coming up so will do another blog for that. See you again sooooooooooon.

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