• Matthew Brooks

Storm Ophelia

Storms can be devastating. Power cuts, floods, damage to property and streets, sometimes even loss of life. Can there be any beauty in an event that has so many negatives?

In the right place and conditions yes.

So many people go to the beach on a rainy day to sit in their cars to watch the waves crashing against the rocks. Now amplify those waves by 100 and you get something which you can only be in awe of when you see the raw power of nature and the sea.

The best place to go in these conditions is Porthcawl lighthouse. Because of the long promenade that the lighthouse is built on the waves can come in from different directions and crash into one another. When they hit the promenade the spray from the wave can be double the height of the lighthouse. Every time the pattern of the wave is different. I was there for about an hour and it was amazing to watch. However undoubtedly the complete opposite for those who got caught in full force of Storm Ophelia. Stay safe when going anywhere to take storm photos. Here are my photos.

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