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What's in my camera bag?

Following on from what camera you might want to buy, a number of people have been asking what equipment I use. So I thought that I would put a blog up about it. If you do want to read the original blog check out A Question Everybody Has Asked

Since buying my first interchangeable lens camera I have always had Sony gear. Sony is what works for me. The advantages I personally like are that it is lighter and so much quieter than a dslr. The EVF (electronic viewfinder) is better than an optical one. The lenses are great quality as well. But what works for me might be different for you.

So the equipment list of what you see in the picture is this:

1. Sony A7Rii

2. Sony GMaster 24-70mm F2.8

3. Sony G 70-200mm F4

4. Sony 90mm F2.8 macro

5. Sony 85mm F1.8

6. Sony ZEISS 55mm F1.8

7. Sigma 150-600mm mounted on a Sigma MC11 adapter.

8. 2 Godox TT685 flashes plus transmitter

9. Topmax camera bag (upgraded to something like ThinkTank Streetwalker Harddrive or Lowepro ProTactic 450 soon)

10. Neewer 30" triangle 5in1 reflector (not in photo)

11. 62" K&F concept tripod (not in photo)

Backup/easy shooting camera and lenses. If something happens to my first choice stuff I can always use this or if I dont want to carry around a big bag on a casual walk I may take these:

Sony A6000

Sigma 60mm F2.8

Sigma 19mm F2.8 (attached to A6000 in picture)

I cannot fit all of this in my current bag only my main camera, a few lenses and tripod clipped to outside. The bags I am looking at would comfortably fit everything minus the 150-600mm.

However I would not usually take ALL of this to any sort of shoot. The main two I tend to take most places with me are the 24-70 and the 70-200 as these are great in almost any situation.

The 150-600mm is a wildlife lens and is massive so would never come out to a Portrait or Couples or Wedding shoot. However if I did go shooting wildlife then it would probably be the only lens I would take.

Also the 90mm Macro lens I wouldn't take in an instance where I was taking my roaming studio to a persons house but a wedding I would, to get detail shots. For a roaming studio I would then use that space made by removing the 90mm to put the Sony Zeiss 55mm in as it is great in smaller shooting spaces. The 85mm would be the first one I would reach for if doing an environmental portrait shoot.

So that is all the gear and I hope that it gave you some insight into what lenses are useful in what situations. Remember that you don't need all of this, this equipment has been accumulated over time. If you have a lower end camera and 1 lens take it out and take photos and enjoy being creative.

Thanks for reading.

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