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A walk in the woods

Considering that I live so close to Penllegaer Woods and have been there so many times, I haven't until now done a proper photo shoot there. So I thought I would change that and get one done. It is a diverse place to do photo shoots as there are many different types of locations.

Sophie was the model for this particular shoot as there were a couple of shots I already had in mind. I had never worked with Sophie before but from meeting her a couple of times I knew she could ace the shots. How right I was. She put in a fantastic first performance. Even to the point of doing exactly what I wanted before I had even said anything. You know it will be great when that is happening. I asked her to bring two different coats a wasn't sure what colour would actually work.

For the most part I do try to go to the place that I'm going to be shooting in advance to scout the location so I have an idea of what locations lend themselves nicely to certain ideas that I have in my mind. I will take my camera and take some sample pictures and frame up the scene similar to how I would probably do on the day.

Also while there I got few great shots of a little robin who was fearless. I got so close I didn't need to change lens to a longer lens I got a great pic on me 55mm sony ZEISS lens.

It is great to be able to walk through the woods on a lovely day, have great conversation and get some amazing shots. Who wouldn't want to be a photographer?

It proves that you don't have to go searching across the country for a great location. Sometimes its on your doorstep and you may have been there hundreds of times before.

I'll leave you with some of the pics and next time you may see someone new again or a familiar face depending on arrangements.

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