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It's been done too much, do it anyway.

There are certain photos that have been done by lots of different photographers. Just by scrolling through Instagram you see that within a minute or two similar images will start to appear. This can potentially be a good way to get some inspiration if in a creative slump. However there are many people who will say that these certain types of photo are just being overdone and advise not to try to recreate the photo.

This was the case for me with one of my most recent shoots. I had seen a video on YouTube which was talking about the exact point of certain overdone photos. guess what, big, white sunglasses was mentioned. It made me question whether I should do my idea at all. However even though it may have been done by other people, I personally had never done those photos. I only tend to do something if I feel I can bring something different or improve on what I have previously seen.

Thankfully I was working with Amanda so I always know that will always get 3 things .

1. I will be working with someone who can deliver on any instruction.

2. I'm guaranteed to get great pictures.

3. It will be a whole lot of fun.

I wanted to work with my new Bessel 95cm octobox and this new stretchy, wrinkle free white material I have for a backdrop. Amanda chose her top which actually worked way better that what I had envisaged. For a lot of the photos I wanted to get a sense of symmetry in the photo. I'm really glad I went ahead with this photoshoot as i'm really pleased with the results. It also gave me more time to refine the way I edit studio shots and try some new techniques and my workflow.

If you feel it is something you want to do then regardless of whether it's been done before, do it for you. You could bring something new to that photo that no one before has thought of. So if you want the photos, make them happen.

Here are some of the photos from that shoot.

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