• Matthew Brooks

The Beach

"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside." Especially when I have my camera in my hand and able to be creative. I've done many a landscape photo down at a beach, but I wanted to do a model shoot. I had an idea to have the final processing to have an old grainy black and white film stock look to it. I also wanted to combine the landscapes with the focal point of a person in frame. Check out my People Person Part 1 to see different ways on how to incorporate people in photos.

Also another aspect that I wanted to bring to the photos is a sense of connection between the viewer and photos. To give the viewer the feeling that they were there on the beach with Amanda having a fun time. I think for the most part this was achieved. It was breezy down Three Cliff but a scorching hot day and both got burnt but it was fun. Except for the walk back, as that was knackering. There is no easy way to get to the beach, I propose a cable car system to be built there!

I think as a photographer it is important to shoot this that YOU want to shoot. The majority of the time you will be shooting photos and ideas for other people. So if you have an idea that you want to do for a personal project then find a way to do get it done, even if "it's been done before". Here are a few images from this shoot.

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