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Re-editing photos

Usually when I photograph someone I will scan through the photos, pick out the best ones, edit them, deliver them and then generally keep them as they are. I may sample some presents I have made to see how well the work on various photos but usually I don't mess with the photos ever again.

But just because that was my intended vision at the time does not mean that is the only possible version of that photo.

So here I am going to choose a few of my top Instagram posts and re-edit them just to see how changing something like the colours can change the look and what sort of mood that photo takes on.

By changing the blue colour toning to a more vintage look it has given the photo more of a classic gentlemanly feel to it over the slightly more edgy, modern look of the first edit which I based on The Night Manager tv series.

With this all I did was drop the colour temperature to slightly cooler tones especially in the shadow and highlights, adjust the greens so they look more cyan and add in grey blue around the edge. It takes it from a lovely spring day into a cold and brisk winter walk.

With the landscape I turned it black and white, made the sky darker in places and added some texture overlayers of scratches and grime which turns a nice long exposure into an old almost creepy photo of a tower that anything could be lurking within.

So the point here is that even you can take your pictures in any direction you want when editing them. Make them tell the story that you want them to tell. Also going back over older photos is great, re-edit them using new techniques and tricks you have picked up along your photography journey to see how much better you can make them.

Thanks for reading and see you again.

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