• Matthew Brooks

My Santorini

I recently took a trip to Santorini. It was primarily for a friends wedding but whilst there I got an engagement shoot done and also I wanted to take some really nice photos of Santorini. I haven't been on holiday since my photography journey began and when looking back over previous holiday photos, no matter how happy I was with them at the time, they are just holiday snaps. There is nothing wrong with holiday snaps, they are wonderful and full of precious memories and I took plenty of them on this holiday too. However I wanted to find interesting quirky places, focus on the details and create nice looking photos that I personally am happy with. There are plenty of these opportunities in Santorini. I took my 35mm f1.4 and my 85mm f1.8 prime lenses for the portrait aspect of the trip. I found that limiting myself to these two really stretched my thinking and used the 35mm for 95% of all my shots. Sometimes 35mm wasn't wide enough, as the streets in places like Fira and Oia just aren't wide enough to take some of the potential shots I saw. I would probably have take something like 16-35 had I realised the tightness of the streets. On the first day I learned pretty quickly I had to be ok with not getting the shot I wanted. So just change what you shoot and move on. I am really happy with the stuff I got from this trip. These are images I can look at and say "nice photo", the holiday snaps I can look at and say "great trip".

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