• Matthew Brooks

Sophie & Wyn - Santorini Engagement Shoot

Next year I am doing the photography for Sophie and Wyn at their wedding. I was so honored that they chose me to be their wedding photographer.

This year we were all going to be celebrating a friends wedding abroad in Santorini. So I said, "Hey, let's do your engagement shoot in Santorini whilst we are all there". It was a fantastic opportunity to really do something special for them in such a wonderful location. Starting as the sun was dropping and ending on a wonderful sunset.

I have never been to Santorini so the risk was not being able to find any appropriate location to do the shoot at without loads of tourist being around. That morning myself and my partner walked around the lower streets at the southern part of the capital Fira and the streets were quiet, quintessential Santorinian streets. At that point, with a lovely couple such as Sophie and Wyn and the lovely location I was confident it would be a good shoot.

We had already discussed that they wanted a casual style with minimal posed shots as possible, it was just a nice stroll through the quiet streets.

They made it easy to photograph them as they clearly are very much in love and were smiling and laughing throughout the whole shoot, which was exactly what I wanted to capture.

After finishing with the sun going down we all then went for a meal with some friends overlooking the caldera. What a fantastic way to finish off a fantastic day!

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