My Filmstock Presets

I created these subtle and beautiful presets to help my own workflow. It took a lot of research looking at images shot on certain types of film. Fujifilm, Kodak, Ilford, AGFA plus smaller film manufacturers. I wanted to not replicate these exactly but be inspired by them in creating my own film looks. 

These are presets that I use constantly. They give photos that desired aesthetic but are not over the top. Easily usable for any types of photo scenarios. As a professional photographer I know that getting a really great starting point without having to tweak every photo bit by bit is important for those who want to give their best consistently.

There is a great mix of colour film presets also black and white presets in the American, Japanese, European and Unique packs. If you really only want black and white there is a pack for that. If you want a myriad of options and want it all get the Vintage Filmstock Complete Pack.

Click on the images below to see more about the package, also to see before and afters of select presets from the package in action and how they enhance photos.

Vintage Filmstock Bundle Promo pics.jpg
American Filmstock Promo pics.jpg
Japanese Filmstock Promo pics.jpg
European Filmtock Promo pics.jpg
BlackAndWhite Filmstock Promo pics.jpg
Unique Filmtock Promo pics.jpg