Vintage Filmstock Complete Pack

This is the definitive pack of vintage film emulations with 39 different presets to choose from. The bundle contains all of the film stock presets available in my store. In here is the American Filmstock set, the Japanese Filmstock set, the European Filmtock set, the Unique Filmstock set.


They are based on actual film stock. These are for people who want artistic, uniquely beautiful vintage film emulations which will give your photo the authentic retro feel that you want. Based on the best-known film stocks from Camera and Film manufacturers around the world - Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford, Agfa, Rollie, Polaroid, Lomography. Each one is uniquely different to really show off your flare whomever you might be.

I want to show the black & white presets and colour presets work equally as well on the same photo, so you will see the same photo with a colour and a black and white preset applied to the photo. Hover over the image to see the which film preset was used and use the slider bar to see the effects of that preset on the image.

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All 39 Vintage Lightroom Presets (.xmp)
1 instructions (.pdf)

For best results use on correctly exposed images. Some effects (Graduated and radial filter) stack so reset all changes before applying a new preset.

This preset includes .xmp-files for the newest version of Lightroom Classic and cloud-based Lightroom.
The presets may not work on older versions of Lightroom.
Presets were developed for .RAW pictures. Editing .jpg will have a slightly different result.

Please be aware that presets are not a "fix-all" or a "one-click fix" for editing images.
Based on your personal shooting style, these presets may or may not fit your needs. They may need some additional adjustments to suit your needs and goals for your images. As these are based on actual filmstock they do have grain applied, which can be reduced or removed if it is not the style you want. Feel free to play with the temperature and tint or even the exposure.

However, no refunds can be made on presets due to the nature of the content. Once you have the preset, you cannot give it back or exchange it so I cannot offer refunds.

Do not share the files, or (re)sell them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited.